Cashless payment

Terms & Conditions

This documents represents an agreement of conditions under which you received this ECO PAYING BRACELET. Using this bracelet you are accepting terms and conditions, written in this agreement. “Bracelet” in this document represents “Eco Festival Paying Bracelet”, “You” and “Your” means a person or persons, which received the bracelet and are authorised to use Bracelet as it applies in this agreement. “We”, “Our” or “Us” means the issuer of the Bracelet and our partners.

You confirm and agree that the amount of money on the Bracelet is the same as the amount of money You have submitted – The whole amount you gave to the cashier is on the Bracelet.

The Bracelet is part of the prepay system and it’s not connected to any other account. The Bracelet is not using a credit system and it’s not intended to resell it. For funds, submitted to the Bracelet you will not receive and interests. The Bracelet is not transferable (only one person can use it). It can be canceled or taken away without any further notice, according to the law. Please, read this agreement carefully.

Authorised Users

You are responsible for all approved transactions made with your Bracelet. In case you will allow another person to use your Bracelet, it counts as authorised usage (by You) and You are responsible for all transactions made by that Bracelet. You agree you will take care of the security of your Bracelet. In case of stolen or lost Bracelet, we are not responsible for your remain funds on the Bracelet.

Checking the balance on the Bracelet

You can check your balance of funds on all spots that accepts Bracelet or on receipt you receive when you put funds on your Bracelet.

Money return

After you submit money (convert money for funds) on the Bracelet, you cannot exchanged it back to money again. After the festival your funds are not valid anymore.

Bracelet replacement

If there is any reason you have to replace your Bracelet (magnet doesn’t work or any other reason), you have to visiti Bracelet info point and ask for the replacement.


Whenever you make a transaction with your Bracelet, you have to get an invoice. With every invoice you will get confirmation about the transaction with your Bracelet and information about the balance on the Bracelet.


We can provide informations about your Bracelet and its transaction to Third persons when:

  • that is necessary for the execution of the transaction,
  • with the purpose to check the prove of existence or balance of your Bracelet for the Third person (like a retailer),
  • case there is reporting required by the government agency, a court order or another legal requirement,
  • when that’s necessary – to our employees, revisors, partners, service providers or lawyers.


If the system detects you have forge the Bracelet or you were changing the information on it, we have the right to take it away from you and take legal actions against you.