Eco festival takes place near Slovenian-Italian border, in the forest near city Nova Gorica. Region is called Karst and it is known by its warm weather & delicious mediteranian food.
The closest beach is located only 15 minutes by car, venue of Eco is located in the intact forest and it is sorrounded by I. World War remains – in the valey of Eco was 100 years ago located military hospital, caves where soldiers were living are all around – in this part was during the war located the “Soca” front in which were fighting thousands of young men from almost all World.
After 100 years of this horrible war is Eco festival bringing to this region peace, love, unity and respect.

The venue fascinated even the greatest DJs.
This were the thoughts of Cristian Varela (the best techno DJ in the World in 2013) when visited Eco for the first time:
»Tnx Eco festival! Has been an amazing night in one of the best places I’ve ever been playing«

See on the map where the Eco festival is taking place and where the camp is located.